Scale production base
Covers an area of 90,000 square meters
Standard modern production base, systematized production process, quality control department level-by-level check, product quality is guaranteed. At present, we have a production base for testing three-dimensional cosmetics of more than 700,00 square meters; as well as world-class manufacturing equipment, testing equipment and high-tech superb Craft. The 100,000-level production workshop with more than 6,000 square meters is fully in line with the national cosmetics production standards, and it is fully capable of production.

Experienced team

Professional production team

Standardized production workshop, professional production team, after the team personally tried, the key products are personally selected by the user to participate in the evaluation

In order to make our products safer and more effective, and more in line with international quality, we have also hired many internationally renowned cosmetic brand technical engineers and design consultants. As of today, we have dozens of chemical professionals, biologists, and doctors of medicine. “Quality” is always the foundation of an enterprise!

dust-free workshop

Standardized workshop and equipment

All products in the factory are inspected once every two hours, so as not to miss a product, and to put each product in the hands of customers with ingenuity and service

The factory has built a standardized 90,000-level purification workshop in the manufacturing industry. In the purification project, the environmental pollution and manipulation of microbial strains in the cosmetics dust-free workshop are extremely important. Cosmetic machinery and equipment, equipment, and staff management are all managed in accordance with standardization.